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L'Oréal nous fait confiance pour la seconde fois consécutive. Quel démarrage !



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A peine sommes-nous créés, déjà un appel entrant de la communauté d'affaires BuddyTree pour animer un séminaire de conception de la stratégie numérique d'un groupe international. Ca commence fort.



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Le 16 février, nous intervenions à la maison de l'emploi du Roubaisis

Sur le sujet « Quelles sont les pratiques managériales, RH et économiques #émergentes en 2021 ? » Le replay

Mc Kinsey : COVID-19 and the employee experience: How leaders can seize the moment

As it turns out, most companies did a solid job of addressing their employees’ basic needs of safety, stability, and security during the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis. However, those needs are evolving, calling for a more sophisticated approach as organizations enter the next phase.

The return phase presents an opportunity for companies to rethink the employee experience in ways that respect individual differences—home lives, skills and capabilities, mindsets, personal characteristics, and other factors—while also adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. The good news is that with advances in listening techniques, behavioral science, advanced analytics, two-way communication channels, and other technologies, leaders can now address employee experience in a more targeted and dynamic way. While drilling down on which employees need more and varied types of support, they can also tailor actions that create widely shared feelings of well-being and cohesion across the workforce.